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Resolutions Suck. Try This Instead.



We’re a third through January. Did you make a resolution for 2017? Last year was a rough one for many of us, so it’s understandable that you would want to change things up this year.

Maybe you want to lose weight. Gain weight. Declutter your house. Stop eating cheese. Go to the gym. Take up yoga. Start meditating. New Year, new YOU, right?


You’re still you. Gorgeously messy you. And that’s okay. You’re a lovely aspect of this universe. Keep doing YOU.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a change. Especially after a doozy of a year. But this idea that we need to change who we are can be downright harmful. It’s reinforcing this idea that we are not good enough.

You’re enough. You’re SO enough.

When we fail at these idealized resolutions we set up for ourselves, we feel awful. We feel like failures. We feel let down.

And that’s no way to feel. Your goals should have you feeling inspired. Uplifted. Excited and joyful. Not just when you think about them, but while you move toward them. If the journey ain’t at least a little fun, is it really worth it?

Plus, resolutions usually just plain don’t work. Something like 9% of people feel they are successful at keeping their resolutions.


But if you’re one of those folks that loves resolutions, get down with your bad self. I’m so happy you have something that works for you! Keep at it! Do not let me spoil yer fun!

But, if you’re not enjoying the resolutions, there’s still hope. What if you looked at it little differently?

What if you thought in terms of what’s working…and what’s not working?

Look at your life, but focus on what feels the most important right now. What have you been up to?

Write it down.

The good, the not so good, the downright blarghy.

What’s working?

What’s really not working?

Keep writing.

Now consider doing a little less of what’s not working.

Doing more of what IS working.

What if you just started there? What would that look like?

Later this year, I’ll be sharing more programs that help you get more of what you actually want from your life.

Resolutions be damned. Let’s talk about what your soul craves.



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