I help busy women who know they need to take better care of themselves, but aren’t sure where to start.

Anxious girls, I got yer back.

You are here because you know, deep down, something needs to change.

Maybe you want to feel calmer.
More Joy.
More YOU.

We can figure out what you need to feel whole. Your life. Your rules.

I’m here to help you get clear on what you want.

We’ll work together to find your serenity.  Whatever that may be.


green joy

About Holly

My Core Desired Feelings are: Cosmic. Shakti. Witchy. and GSD (that’s Get Shit DONE).

The idea of Chiron, the wounded healer, resonates with me completely.

We become teachers of the things we want to learn.

I’ve struggled with both physical and esoteric elements of balance, so I have a deep understanding of that struggle. I’m steadfastly mercurial.

I work with concepts introduced in the Desire Map, a system of setting goals based on how you want to feel. Because ultimately, we all just want to feel good. Helping women figure out what they want from their life is what I am most passionate about.

See also: petting furbabies, howling at the moon, laughing around a firepit, and watching Dr Who or Supernatural.





Desire Map Licensed Facilitator