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Your Summer Solstice Oracle

summersolstice title oracle 2017


Summer is a time for flow.

Follow the rhythms of the world around you. But if you find yourself swept up in the busy side of summer, give yourself permission to stop! Rest when you need to rest.

For folks in the Southern Hemisphere, the opposite may be true! Sometimes when the nights are longer, we can tend to stop moving.

Wherever you are, tune into your needs.

Tune into your breath, and see what this oracle has to say.

Big breath in. Let the sun ignite a fire within you.

Slow breath out. Let it carry out the heat you don’t need.

And now…choose.

summersolstice choose oracle


Which figure makes you smile most? What’s going to move you this summer?



summersolstice dr strange

Dr Strange (brought to life by the lovely Benedict Cumberbatch) was a non-believer. But when he had to change the way he thought, a whole new world opened up to him. What if you thought in magic? What would that be like?



summersolstice kodama

In Studio Ghibli’s incredible Princess Mononoke, the kodama are forest spirits that are present when the forest is healthy. Gratitude is good for both your mental and physical health. What are you most grateful for?



summersolstice triceratops

Everyone seems to have a favorite dinosaur. In my mind, Triceratops for the win! Just like your intuition. No one else has to love or trust what you trust. Only you.


summersolstice reveal oracle



Love the geeky things. Let the sun shine on you. And most importantly, trust in every day magic, gratitude, and your intuition.




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Mixtape: Get Through.

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Your March 2017 Truthbomb Reading

Rocks. Crystals. Stones. I’ve always been attracted to pretty earthy things, but lately, it’s gotten stronger. So this month’s oracle features some of the larger stones that have found me. Yeah, I say they found me. Big breath in. Feel the earth beneath you. Slow breath out. Settle into the support of the earth. She’s… Continue Reading

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