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Your 2018 Oracle

The New Year has come.

2017 was a wild one for so many of us. Now that 2018 is here (and appears to be here to stay) it’s a good time to look at your desires. What do you truly want from this year? What is yours to do?

This oracle is meant to give you a little soul nudge, especially if you’re feeling a little or a lot uncertain. It will help you find clarity, help you remember what you already know to be true.

Feel your breath move, and notice how it feels. No right or wrong answer, just what is.

Big breath in. Hold it at the top, for just a moment. When you are ready…

Slow breath out. Let it be noisy. Let it carry the last remainders of 2017 out of your body.

And now…choose.


A Cord, a Bottle of Incense, and a Dropper. Which card calls to you?




A cord helps you bind things. From making jewelry to tying up loose ends, what will you bite into this year? What requires a little more snap to make it happen?




Our sense of smell is deeply attached to memory and emotion. Emotions are powerful, and attached to the divine feminine. What moves you from deep within?




Droppers can help you get exact measurements. What EXACTLY do you need to do to get to what’s just outside your grasp?



2018 oracle reveal



2018. It’s all yours to make what you will.

Take a big bite. Follow what moves you. Make a plan and get going.

Make it a good one.




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