I think you’re swell! Always so encouraging and supportive. In my times of panic, stress, and hopelessness you were always there to lift me up or provide a kind word. That meant more to me than anything. I can spiral downward pretty fast but you always made me feel better and breathe deeper.
You are incredibly knowledgeable, kind hearted, understanding, spiritual, and uplifiting. You are fantastic to work with in any setting, regardless of the topic.

-Kindra Smith, Rad Yogi and Social Worker






I would recommend Holly’s class to anyone and everyone who ever wanted to try Yoga out!

-Becca Hadcock, Hairstylist and all around Healthy Living Rockstar







Holly provides an open-minded atmosphere that’s informative and enjoyable and makes me feel very comfortable. I have had a very positive experience with her classes and I have completely eliminated the word “can’t” from my vocabulary. I strongly recommend her classes for anyone and you will be very surprised with how amazing you feel when you leave a session.

-Jena Bruner, Pop Culture and Marvel Movie Fanatic, @iJenaBena





meredithHolly’s spirit is very captivating! She has a loud and bold energy and it can seem a little intimidating at first, but after a few moments in her presence you are reminded by her own confidence to be confident in your own skin. She encourages you to be you!
Through her help with the Desire Map, I am so much more aware of how I want to feel and making choices that support that. Holly has shown me so many wonderful ways to improve my life. I feel happier, clearer, more peaceful and joyful!
Holly makes space for me exactly where I’m at. There’s never any pressure to be anything else. She meets me where I’m at and goes from there.

-Meredith Wachter, Therapeutic Knitting teacher and owner of TheseHandsOfMine






alexisYou are vibrant! A light worker! You allow for conversation to flow as needed but are able to steer things back to center when necessary. You inspire confidence and foster goodwill. You are also a fount of knowledge and I feel like I could pick your brain about just about anything.

You ladies rock and I am so grateful I got to spend several weeks working with all of you.

Would I recommend this experience to a friend? Absolutely.

I felt the need to change something inside; to stir things up so I can focus on how to get where I want to be. I made connections with some super strong and inspiring women and I peeled away enough layers of myself to find 5 really strong CDFs which are going to really help me feel where I want to go. I find it is easier to stay in the headspace I want to live in.

-Alexis Shallberg, Homesteader, Desire Mapper and Local Foods Activist