How to Fix Your Overwhelm.

Specifically, tech overwhelm, but this works for every kind of overwhelm that comes up for us.

This post has nothing to do with the fact that we had a Terminator marathon over the weekend, and saw the newest one this week. Absolutely nothing. *shudders*

If you’re anything like me, you spend a whole lot of time with tech. Tablets and smartphones and Fitbits, oh my! Tech is a beautiful thing. You’re using it right now.



But sometimes you just need a damn break.

Every once in a while, my heart aches for something…less. Less info. Less feedback. Less structure.

I live by my iCal, synced between a laptop, tablet and smartphone. I schedule my mornings, my me time, my work time, my family time, even when I’m supposed to go to sleep. (Except on the weekends, because fuck that.)

So it’s no surprise that I have felt like chucking my tech against a wall and running away.

I don’t break anything…but I do get away from it all, with a walkabout.

(side note: I’m not saying that what I do has the spiritual context of an Australian aboriginal walkabout. I am saying it’s good for the soul.)

I go on a little walkabout, usually only for a day. It’s hard to up and leave for an extended period for most of us. A day may be all you need, unless you are really depleted. Social justice warrior Introvert, I’m looking at YOU.



How do you do it?

It helps to let your peeps know. I’m not saying broadcast it on social media, I’m saying tell your nearest and dearest. Especially if they share a home with you.

Pick a date. Preferably soon.

Pack up the things you might want. food drink journal books sunscreen are a great start.. Always bring your towl, natch.

Decide where you’re going. Flip a coin, spin the bottle on a map, or simply go somewhere you’ve been meaning to go.

If being alone trips your trigger, do that. If the thought of being completely alone makes you sick, go visit someone you’re missing. Clue them in to what you are doing, or invite them along.

What not to do.

Don’t bring clocks. (cover em if you need to. If you HAVE to keep your phone set it to silent or do not disturb. Otherwise, lock it away.

And for the love of Pete, don’t flake out. I can already hear it.

Holly, I don’t have time to go away, even if for a day.

Yeah, that’s kinda why you need it. Give it an afternoon. And when you do decide to do this for you, there may be a moment in which you think that you shouldn’t do this after all. Something might come up. I want to encourage you to do it anyway. Resistance comes in all shapes, don’t let the little bugger take you away from an amazing opportunity.

Go with the flow.

My last walkabout was supposed to start at a coffeehouse I’d been talking about trying for years…and when I got there, they were closed for the day. I went to the brewery next door instead, and then ended up walking around the neighborhood with a friend for hours. It was wonderful to catch up on our lives. I had meant to get out into the wild, and feel some noncitysunshine, but my day ended in my favorite neighborhood drinking beer, seeing another friend’s new place, and then heading home completely renewed.

I learned a lot about me that day. I didn’t do any of the things I had planned, and it was still the perfect day.

Be willing to be surprised.

Abandon the plan.

And spend some time with YOU without making any demands on yourself.

Listen to what arises. Write a little, or a lot. Or none at all. Play your favorite tunes. Dance (even if only on the inside).

Walkabout ain’t about fixing you.

You. Are. Not. Broken. It’s about fixing how you feel.




Let me know how your walkabout goes, dearest. The world is calling your name.


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photos by Jordan Sanchez, William Iven and Forrest Cavale

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