may 2017 truthbomb oracle

April showers bring May…flowers! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, things are a-bloomin.

What’s ready to bloom in your life?

Big breath in. Imagine it traveling all the way down to your toes.

Slow breath out. Empty the body from toes to the crown of the head.

And then…choose.

choose your oracle

Which flower calls to you? What is yours to do for May?


choose strawberry flower


That little white beauty is a strawberry flower. That unassuming blossom will soon become something sweet. When you make room and allow your full range of feelings, you make room for sweetness in your life. It’s okay to feel, and feel a lot. You have room for that!



choose violet flower


Violet is another sweet little spring flower. It is given as a sign of love and good faith, and yes, comfort. Think of what would be comforting for you right now, and give that loving gift to yourself.



may 2017 truthbomb dandelion


Dandelions have gotten a bad rap! They are an incredibly healing plant, from the flower all the way down to the root. And those lovely yellow blooms can be the source of big smiles, if you let them. So let yourself open up, the way a dandelion greets the sun.

may 2017 truthbomb reveal

Honor your wildness.

What some might see as a weed, might actually be your strength. Be tenacious. Don’t give up.

Be the bright blossom in the face of lawns that all look the same.

Make room for you. Seek your own comfort. Stay open.


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