your april 2017 truthbomb oracle


April is on it’s way, and with it often comes bigness. We’re sticking with stones again, these ones all deal in emotions. It’s been an emotional time for many of us. While the stones can be useful, know that the true power is in your own emotional wellbeing.

Big breath in to the belly. Fill the lungs up.

Slow breath out. Empty the lungs with a big sigh. Really let go.

And then…choose.

choose your april 2017 truthbomb


Follow your intuition. (sometimes a guess is fine too.)

Which stone sings to your heart? Which card is yours for April?



april 2017 truthbomb ruby fuchsite selectively love everyone


Ruby in Fuchsite keeps you connected to the the world, but allows you to stay rooted in your individual self. Love the world and everyone in it, but be true to you. Be selective about how you love.



april 2017 truthbomb abalone destruction before creation


Abalone is a sortofstone in my book. I’ve always been drawn to it, and for good reason! It helps calm emotional situations, and destruction is definitely emotional. But it makes way for big new things in your life!



it's all medicine pyrite truthbomb april 2017


Pyrite is also known as Fools Gold. It helps you to search for a solution. You’ll find your way through the rough stuff, remember that it’s all medicine. Even that which seems foolish is useful to you!


april 2017 truthbomb reveal fuchsite ruby abalone pyrite


We continue to honor earth wisdom, the wisdom you have deep within you. Emotions can be their own form of wisdom, when you observe them. Notice what comes up for you this month.

Your emotions can be a source of healing, if you let them.


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