hey I love your pants


I was walking my dogs on the first sunny day of spring, but I was in a mood.

How I could be so crabby on a gorgeous day is beyond me, but there I was, about two steps away from hating the whole flippin world, when an unfamiliar voice pulled me out of my head.

“Hey, I love your pants!”


I turned to find the source of the random compliment, and saw a car approaching. Her head was hanging out the window of her car, music blaring, and she threw me a thumbs up. She had hollered from half a block back.

I have no idea who she was. Absolutely no clue. I waved anyway.

Then she turned a corner and was gone. I looked down at the colorful leggings I was wearing and couldn’t help but smile.

She wasn’t catcalling me. She didn’t say she liked how my ass looked in my pants. There’s an important difference.

She just liked the pants, and thought I needed to know.

One pant appreciating person to another.

It reminded me of how much fun it is to tell folks they’re awesome.

Even if you don’t know em. Maybe especially if you don’t know them.

Hey, you! I appreciate that thing you’re doing/wearing/have. That’s rad. Keep rocking with yer bad self.

Easy. It feels pretty nice, too.

It’s a super simple random act of kindness.

It’s fun to tell folks you’ve never met that you like something about them. Their hair. Their outfit. Their taste in music.

I was having a day. I was questioning my work, having an identity crisis, and really didn’t want to do much of anything other than walk my dogs and drink margaritas. Randompantcomplimentinglady reminded me that, even when I’m feeling kinda awful, at least I have good taste in pants.

And on a yucky day, that MATTERS.

You never know when you could help make someone’s day better. Say the nice thing. Tell someone they matter. Buy the guy behind you’s coffee/lunch/groceries/WHATEVER.

It will help you remind yourself that you’re human, and so is the next gal. We all have our struggles. We all have our stories.

And we all have pretty good taste in pants.

Remind someone of that.



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