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Mixtape: Get Through.

mixtape for getting through tough feelings


I wasn’t going to share this playlist.

It isn’t about being positive in the wake of the hard shit.

It isn’t about turning your face to the sun when all you want to do is weep.

It’s about getting through by actually feeling what you’re feeling.

Not cramming it down. Not ignoring it. Not running away from it.

Actually feeling it. For a little while.

It’s short for a reason.

And eclectic as fuck…because feelings can take you all over the place.

Many of these songs are about love…it makes a great metaphor, doesn’t it?


Don’t punish yourself for having feelings.

You get to have them. All the feels.

You don’t need to wallow in them.

But you do get to have them.

And then maybe, when you’re ready, let them go.


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