Your May 2017 Truthbomb

April showers bring May…flowers! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, things are a-bloomin. What’s ready to bloom in your life? Big breath in. Imagine it traveling all the way down to your toes. Slow breath out. Empty the body from toes to the crown of the head. And then…choose. Which flower calls to you? What is yours… Continue Reading

Your April 2017 Truthbomb

    April is on it’s way, and with it often comes bigness. We’re sticking with stones again, these ones all deal in emotions. It’s been an emotional time for many of us. While the stones can be useful, know that the true power is in your own emotional wellbeing. Big breath in to the… Continue Reading

Your March 2017 Truthbomb Reading

Rocks. Crystals. Stones. I’ve always been attracted to pretty earthy things, but lately, it’s gotten stronger. So this month’s oracle features some of the larger stones that have found me. Yeah, I say they found me. Big breath in. Feel the earth beneath you. Slow breath out. Settle into the support of the earth. She’s… Continue Reading

5 Little Ways to Simplify Your Life

I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a little simplicity right now. This list is short and sweet. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, just pick one. Start where it’s easy. Because simple…ain’t always easy. Running is simple. Put one foot in front of the other as fast as you can. But easy? Huff, puff, hack…nope.… Continue Reading

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