1 simple trick


I hate working out.

I hate the feeling of sweat on my skin. I hate how hot my face gets. I hate that I jiggle. everywhere. I hate gasping for air. I hate chub rub. I hate what happens to my hair. I hate feeling like I’m not good enough.

I hate hate HATE working out.

I’ve tried hiit, I’ve tried a stationary bike, weight training, treadmills, free weights, aerobics classes, 5k training, running, jogging, power-walking.

For some people working out isn’t fun, but they love the payoff.

For us picky, high maintenance folks, that’s a challenge.

But, I do like:

Biking my errands.

Playing in the water, aka swimming.


Cleaning with the tunes cranked and singing at the top of my lungs.

Gardening and yard work.

Standing at my desk instead of sitting.

When I step onto my yoga mat, I feel at home. I take a breath in Mountain Pose, and then, I begin to move. It may only last 15 minutes, or it might go for 2 hours. I might even sweat. And that relaxation at the end is heaven. Yoga feels good. So I do it.

It occurred to me…that’s why I don’t like workouts. They don’t have enough purpose. They don’t feel good.

So, here’s the trick.

Give your movement a purpose AND make sure it’s fun.

Walk the dog. Walk around the block.

Plant a pot of flowers. A whole stinkin garden!

Chase the kids around.

Walk or ride your bike on a quick errand.

Just move. Start slow, and build up to it.

It will feel so good.

You know that feeling of ah, I did something but not ugh this huuurrrrrts.

We don’t have to be skinny. We just need to move.


So, think on it. What’s one fun way that you can move today?

Go do that.


Desire Map Licensed Facilitator